Vintage Bottle Cap Artist currently based in Charleston, SC

Molly B. Right specializes in oversized mosaic-like portraits made from vintage bottle caps. Right is a self-taught artist. She began by painting small paintings, often on pieces of scrap metal or lumber that she found. The subject matter ranged from vignettes of her childhood to minimalist figurative works. She made her leap from narrative paintings to bottle cap portraits was made in 2002.
“I was inspired by remembering my grandparent’s desk. The drawers were filled with things that might have been thrown away but were saved by people who were molded by depression-era frugality; old rubber bands, corks, bottle caps, balls of string, 2″ pencil nubs.”
Bolstered by a newfound source of inspiration, she began a series of paintings about things that people save and accumulate.
Unfortunately, the series was beginning to lose steam, and as Molly pondered what to do with a rust-stained piece of sheet metal a friend had given her, the patterns of rust on the metal brought to mind the Shroud of Turin. “I decided to use paint to enhance the vague suggestion of a face and painted a man’s face on the metal.” With the addition of bottle caps, a halo was formed, and bottle cap Jesus was born.” Mary soon followed, and Molly knew that she had found her medium. Molly works in her Charleston studio, dividing her time between commissions and making pieces of her own inspiration.

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